The Space Between

There’s so much space between.

Space between thoughts, words, breaths, blinks, heartbeats, moments…..everything. Yet, we spend so much time focused on the busyness, action, expression—all those things that catch our attention and hold our focus. But in the middle of it all—is this beautiful space of pure being. So subtle we often miss it. Hidden in plain sight, we miss the peace, the being, the connection to a higher purpose—that is woven into the silent space.

This physical world is mostly space. There’s much more “space” in a tree, than there is “matter”. Of course, to see this you’d have to magnify it by 200-400x. Here’s a photo of the Paulownia Tree magnified by 200X to show you the amount of space that exists between something as visually solid as a tree.


Take a moment and allow yourself to tune into this space. Notice it exists. Notice the purity of it. Like a blank slate all around you and within you—a place where you can create without all the distraction of the physical world. Once you are aware of the space between everything, it actually becomes much easier to sense. And in this space, where physical life is on pause, you can connect to a state of awareness that fosters personal empowerment, peace of mind, strength of spirit and more.

With practice, the conscious acknowledgement of this part of your being can improve your life. This space can be experienced during meditation, hypnosis, deep breathing, exercise, and other mind-body states of being.

The space between is just as much a part of life as everything we can physical see, touch and experience. It just takes a shift in your awareness and a willingness to think outside of the box.

Here’s to your Happy Space!


One of the most profound lessons in life I learned from someone who gave me a huge ah-ha! moment regarding perspective.

At the time, I had been dealing with anxiety. And, as it goes with anxieties or fears, the longer they linger—the bigger they grow. Like a vicious cycle feeding on itself, over and over again. It’s an awful experience and one that hypnosis can stop in its tracks. But back to the point.

I was expressing my fear and pain, trying to communicate the difficulty of my situation. And how much anxiety had taken the wheel of life—and for me—had become a suffocating nightmare. My thoughts seemed out of control and I had little hope. I was afraid of all the what ifs, and replayed all possible negative scenarios in my head throughout the day. By 3pm most days, I was spent, exhausted, and weak. All due to my thoughts and how much emotion I invested in thoughts that weren’t even real.

So, there I was, nearing tears as I explained my plight. And a moment later, a few statements from a caring man changed everything.

“You’re situation is tough, but to give you some perspective, I know a woman who just lost ALL three of her children in an accident. That’s really, really tough.”

It stopped me cold. I had three children. The thought of losing all of them in one moment overwhelmed me and my perspective shifted forever. I was able to take a step back, outside of myself, and really look at things for the very first time. And all because someone gave me the gift of a wider perspective. It was a beautiful and deeply painful moment. All the time I’d wasted worrying. All the power I’d given up being afraid. But, I looked forward. And saw life, anew.

After that day, every time I faced a difficulty, I took a step back and looked with new eyes. My perspective shifted and even the most trying moments became less powerful, because I knew many people out there had it worse.

Perspective is an amazing thing. 🙂


Want a simple way to a better life? Practicing gratitude is a subtle, yet powerful way to retrain your brain. This is a technique that doesn’t necessarily require hypnosis, however, I’ve found practicing conscious gratitude while in a relaxed state of mind (hypnosis) seems to have a stronger, more immediate impact.

How is it done? Well, it’s simple really. Take a few minutes each day and list things you are grateful for. You can practice this while doing something else (like driving, brushing your teeth, during commercials, etc.) to maximize time. Or, put yourself on the fast track by going into a relaxed state of mind, by listening to a hypnosis CD or practicing self hypnosis first. (when the conscious and subconscious minds are working together, change is that much easier!)

When I started practicing gratitude, I’ll admit I had a hard time coming up with things to be grateful for. It’s not like my life wasn’t full of blessings, it was that stress and fear had temporarily stripped me of being able to see truth. So, I had to start with the obvious: I’m grateful I have legs. I’m grateful I have eyes to see. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head. Once I got a little practice under by belt, dozens—if not hundreds—of things came to mind. My children, my parents, all the experiences that brought me to today (even the tough ones, because when I really thought about it—they shaped who I am.).

For me, listing five things each day began to shift my focus. And as my focus shifted, my life improved. Have you ever heard of the saying, “that which you focus on, expands?” Well, for me anyway, that seemed to be true. The more I focused on what I had to be thankful for, the more aware I became of the abundance all around me.

Simple? Yes. Better life? Yes.

The best part is that anyone can do this. Anyone. (p.s. kids love this!)


These little things called thoughts…..

Today I’d like to focus on thoughts. Those little (often annoying) brain pings which happen thousands of times every day. The ones that tell us we’re good enough. The ones that tell us we’re not. Even the ones running amok in the background, unconsciously controlling much of our life.

Well, until recently, I’d forgotten once again that — I do, in fact — have some control over this. I’d gotten into a mental slump and found my negative thoughts feeding on each other, growing bigger and stronger, until they eventually threw me so far off course I almost forgot I could change it. Almost.

Cue upbeat music here.

So, as I sat one day mulling my negative-thought existence, it occurred to me— I got myself into this mental mess, so I sure as heck can get myself out of it. I’d done it before. I could do it again. Right? At first, I really wasn’t sure.

I committed to 5-10 minutes a day to get myself on a different road. Why only 5-10 minutes? Well, because I decided to utilize self-hypnosis. (a quick search yields some great ways to induce hypnosis for yourself!) And since hypnosis can literally access and rewrite the computer of your brain, it’s the best place I could think of to focus on—minimal time necessary for quality output.

So far, I’m on day 10. While in a deeply relaxed state, I remind myself of what is true. I am at peace. I am capable. I focus on the positive. Things like that. Well, guess what? Today, very few negative thoughts are cycling around in my brain. The few I’m still working on have lost their hold on me and are easily dealt with because I’ve bombarded them with so many positive messages. And I’ve done it from the source of the problem—my thoughts, which exist in my subconscious mind, which then runs my life—have been put on notice.

Be positive or go home. 🙂 I got this. Image