Life Experience & Hypnosis

Using hypnosis to positively affect children is easier than you think! In fact, most people don’t realize we are constantly being hypnotized during our formative years. Any repetitive message can eventually creep its way into the brain, set up a nice little home and manage to impact the rest of our life. Anyone brought up with the constant hum of, “you’re not good enough” or “you can’t do that” — are most certainly carrying those heavy words somewhere in their subconscious mind. So, without conscious awareness, our entire lives could be dictated by messages that aren’t even true!

And guess what? Everyone is capable. Everyone deserves to be happy. To be successful. To have love. If there is something in life you haven’t yet obtained, you can be certain there’s a sneaky, untrue belief lurking inside of you—sabotaging every effort you make, and keeping you right where (your programming thinks) you belong. You’ve been hypnotized to believe you are less than or something other than amazing.

It doesn’t take much to turn this all around. It really doesn’t. In fact, sometimes the first step is the hardest to take because it involves removing the glasses of denial and peering (often uncomfortably) at the truth. ANY message you accepted growing up that prevents you from health, happiness and success— is B.S. Admit it’s there. Challenge it. And then reprogram a new way of being into the computer of your mind. Hypnosis works. Meditation works. Visualization works. Mostly importantly, being in a relaxed state of mind while reprogramming tends to have the best results. I use hypnosis. (in case that’s not obvious already)

Back to kids. Any child that you have interaction with or impact on—-remember—-their minds are like sponges, soaking up everything they see, hear and experience. Make sure the messages are uplifting, positive, caring and supportive. Make sure they know they are good enough. They can do it. And they matter. That way, the next generation won’t need to focus on fixing negative subconscious programming. They can focus on living!

What are you believing that isn’t true?


Want a simple way to a better life? Practicing gratitude is a subtle, yet powerful way to retrain your brain. This is a technique that doesn’t necessarily require hypnosis, however, I’ve found practicing conscious gratitude while in a relaxed state of mind (hypnosis) seems to have a stronger, more immediate impact.

How is it done? Well, it’s simple really. Take a few minutes each day and list things you are grateful for. You can practice this while doing something else (like driving, brushing your teeth, during commercials, etc.) to maximize time. Or, put yourself on the fast track by going into a relaxed state of mind, by listening to a hypnosis CD or practicing self hypnosis first. (when the conscious and subconscious minds are working together, change is that much easier!)

When I started practicing gratitude, I’ll admit I had a hard time coming up with things to be grateful for. It’s not like my life wasn’t full of blessings, it was that stress and fear had temporarily stripped me of being able to see truth. So, I had to start with the obvious: I’m grateful I have legs. I’m grateful I have eyes to see. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head. Once I got a little practice under by belt, dozens—if not hundreds—of things came to mind. My children, my parents, all the experiences that brought me to today (even the tough ones, because when I really thought about it—they shaped who I am.).

For me, listing five things each day began to shift my focus. And as my focus shifted, my life improved. Have you ever heard of the saying, “that which you focus on, expands?” Well, for me anyway, that seemed to be true. The more I focused on what I had to be thankful for, the more aware I became of the abundance all around me.

Simple? Yes. Better life? Yes.

The best part is that anyone can do this. Anyone. (p.s. kids love this!)


We’re only human

Life happens. Stress happens. And even the most studied self hypnosis person can have the limits of their patience tested. Let’s for argument sake say, I’m that person.

The day began in a rush and has been swirling relentlessly ever since. As the day’s events piled on—one on top of another and the pressure began to build. Before I consciously realized it, I had entered the stress zone. So, needless to say, my little mental reminder that all is well and calm—wasn’t exactly getting through. Cut to hours later.

Now, I’m sitting here type this, and wondering how I allowed myself to getting super stressed out. Well, the simple answer is….I am, after all, still human. I forget to use my hypnosis techniques on occasion. And sometimes, I forget to remember that I even know how to bring myself back into a place of relative calm and ease. But, there’s always that moment—a flash goes off in my brain—and I know. I am in control if I choose to be. I can act from a place of peace. Things do work out. Breathe. Relax. Be.

That’s the moment I feel empowered once again. When I remember that I don’t have to worry. I just have to breathe, decide, and act. The rest—always seems to take care of itself. Maybe during my next hypnosis session I’ll add in the post hypnotic suggestion that: I always remember to use relaxation techniques during times of stress. I’ll let you know how it works! 🙂

Lifestyle transformation with hypnosis

Instead of going on another fad diet or joining the gym again (only to show up four times in one year), why not embark on a new journey—one that can make a real difference? Instead of counting endless calories and holding onto your big jeans—just in case—how about learning how to rewrite the programming in the computer of your mind? Write a new program that includes moderation, healthy food choices, motivation, exercise (when approved by your doctor), and even reset your metabolism. Doesn’t that sound fabulous?

Sometimes we have to do something different or even outside our comfort zone to really make a change. I’m not talking about a forced change using willpower alone. I’m talking about true and lasting change. Change that doesn’t require willpower and frustration and failure.

Willpower is a tool of the conscious mind, the part of your brain that’s reading this post, the part of your brain that’s deciding if you believe this or not. It’s the logical, rational (but not always correct!) part of your brain—and it’s the part where creating change is the hardest.

Why? Because the computer of your brain (the part that pretty much dictates your life and experiences) is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind stores all your habits, memories, programs, excuses, and what-nots. And since it’s the place where all this is stored, it’s the very place you can change the ENTIRE program. You just need a tool to by-pass the conscious mind chatter to reach the hard drive of your mind. Hypnosis is one of those tools.

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