The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is, by far, the biggest contributing factor to how you experience life. It holds all your memories, beliefs (even the limiting beliefs you don’t realize you’re carrying around!), habits, and all the programs that are essentially running the show called “Your Life”. All courtesy of your very own personalized computer hard-drive called  — your subconscious mind.convssubconsmind

The trick is learning to access, understand and utilize this awesome power, so you’re not running around on auto-pilot. Pretty much anything you want to change in your life has a corresponding subconscious component that you can reset to a more positive, successful program. Yes, it may take a little time and reinforcement (after all–haven’t all the programs running your life right now been reinforced for a lifetime??), but it’s worth it. Dedicating time to YOU, to learn more about yourself so that you can become the human being your were always meant to be.

subconsiousmindHypnosis is one of the most effective ways to access and transform the subconscious mind. By learning hypnosis and mastering relaxation techniques which allow you to have influence over your subconscious mind, you can make real progress on goals, dreams, negative habits, self esteem, work or relationship issues, etc. There’s nothing mysterious or difficult about it. It’s simple really. Once you have the tools you need to create true and lasting change, there’s very little you can’t accomplish. So, dream big. Practice hypnosis daily for a least a month. See a professional hypnotherapist if you need help learning how to best apply hypnotic techniques. Then just do it.

Make your subconscious mind your best friend. Learn to work with it, instead of against it. And watch your life transform.

You deserve this. Hypnosis works.


One of the most profound lessons in life I learned from someone who gave me a huge ah-ha! moment regarding perspective.

At the time, I had been dealing with anxiety. And, as it goes with anxieties or fears, the longer they linger—the bigger they grow. Like a vicious cycle feeding on itself, over and over again. It’s an awful experience and one that hypnosis can stop in its tracks. But back to the point.

I was expressing my fear and pain, trying to communicate the difficulty of my situation. And how much anxiety had taken the wheel of life—and for me—had become a suffocating nightmare. My thoughts seemed out of control and I had little hope. I was afraid of all the what ifs, and replayed all possible negative scenarios in my head throughout the day. By 3pm most days, I was spent, exhausted, and weak. All due to my thoughts and how much emotion I invested in thoughts that weren’t even real.

So, there I was, nearing tears as I explained my plight. And a moment later, a few statements from a caring man changed everything.

“You’re situation is tough, but to give you some perspective, I know a woman who just lost ALL three of her children in an accident. That’s really, really tough.”

It stopped me cold. I had three children. The thought of losing all of them in one moment overwhelmed me and my perspective shifted forever. I was able to take a step back, outside of myself, and really look at things for the very first time. And all because someone gave me the gift of a wider perspective. It was a beautiful and deeply painful moment. All the time I’d wasted worrying. All the power I’d given up being afraid. But, I looked forward. And saw life, anew.

After that day, every time I faced a difficulty, I took a step back and looked with new eyes. My perspective shifted and even the most trying moments became less powerful, because I knew many people out there had it worse.

Perspective is an amazing thing. đŸ™‚

Finding Your Truth

Every day is an opportunity to discover new ideas and learn more about who you are and who you’d like to become. Other people (especially those who ruffle our feathers) can be a gauge for our life experiences. Each situation can teach you what works, and what doesn’t. What you like and don’t, and what boundaries you still haven’t set in stone.

If you have teenagers (like me), you have abundant opportunities to self-adjust, if you choose to use those moments for awareness and improvement. For example, we can’t change people, but we can change how WE react to those people. Each moment can be expressed through conscious action, instead of unconscious reaction.

Unconscious reaction is our subconscious programming at work. It’s the messages and beliefs we were brought up with. If you were lucky enough to have a majority of positive messages absorbed by your brain—count your blessings. However, everyone can find false beliefs lingering in their mind, beliefs that are standing directly between an okay life and a great life.

Inside all of this—-resides your truth. The core of who you are. And the blueprint of the best you can become. By simply being aware—you can begin to shift everything in life to align with your truth. If anything is particularly difficult to admit or change, hypnosis can provide a springboard for you.

The more you stand in your truth, the more fulfilling life can be. A small step in the right direction each day can make a difference. After a year, you’ll be standing in a whole new place. Baby steps eventually become giant shifts in awareness.

All it takes to start—is this moment.

Hypnosis and Good Health

For decades, hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been successful in treating numerous physical health issues. People who are aware and have the right tools for healing and health can influence everything from their weight to their blood pressure. This is because all of our body / mind / spirit systems are connected and affect one another. If you feel the burden of mental stress, surely your body will suffer as well. There’s really no way to separate this connection. That’s why it’s so important to step into the shoes-of-awareness and take responsibility for the state of your mind and body.

Now, I know all of this is much easier said than done. In fact, the longer you’ve had a pattern of behavior, the more difficult it can be to change it or overcome its negative effects. However, tools of the mind, such as hypnosis, can make the process a smooth one. So, instead of wrestling with willpower and conscious effort, you can go straight to the heart of the problem and resolve it where it stands. For some, the healing, transformation process is instant—for others, it does take a bit of time—but not much. As little as a few minutes a day for 30 days can solidify a new behavior and put you on the path to health and success.

Did you know there are people who have used hypnosis alone for surgery, and no other anesthesia or meds? Sounds crazy right? With some proper training you can literally train your brain to induce numbness WITHOUT any drugs at all. So why wouldn’t you be able to work on lowering your blood pressure or lose excess pounds with the same technique?

You can. Hypnosis can be your go-to assistant for all of life’s problems. When they crop up, you pull out the sword of brain power and stop anything from spiraling out of control. Learn hypnosis. Your health is waiting.