Good Health, Plain and Simple

The first time I ever read that my mind could influence my health—I’ll admit it—I sorta balked. Sure, maybe it was possible for some people, but not me. I kept reading, intrigued really, at the connection of my mind and body. And the connection my emotions had to—well, everything. 

By the time my brain was done absorbing the information, I was a believer. I knew I could positively affect my health. And I did.

I decided I was done being sick 3-4 times per year, like pretty much everyone else I knew. During one of my early self-hypnosis sessions, I gave myself post hypnotic suggestions: I am healthy. No illness can enter my body. I am well. My immune system is strong. Stuff like that.

I bought this belief heart and soul. It became a part of me, and I expected nothing less than good health. Well, fall came that year and my kids went back to school, I waited optimistically. School always started the cycle. One of the kids would bring home a bug and it would cycle through the family for weeks. Except this time, I stayed well. For the first time ever, I didn’t get sick in the fall. Or that winter. Or the next fall or winter. In fact, I went over 4 years without so much as a sniffle. FOUR YEARS.

It took a near divorce to sidetrack my belief in wellness and my body’s ability to maintain it. I started to question myself and whether it was me and my belief system or if it was just a fluke. Of course, I’d never gone over 6 months without getting sick before, but even still—the stress of a relationship breakdown had me questioning everything. And the more I questioned it—the closer I came to illness. Because I allowed a belief that I had successful held for over 4 years to begin to crack. The moment I began saying, “I don’t know if I can stay well this fall when the kids return to school” —was it. The strong foundation I’d built, now was faltering, and I was solely responsible for it. And yes, I finally got sick.

The great thing about all of this is—-I learned more about myself, my power, my mind and how truly influential I can be on my own life and health. I realize that many illnesses start in our brain, or at the very least fester and grow there. If we can use the magnificent power in our minds to keep our immune system strong and healthy—there’s not much we can’t do.


These little things called thoughts…..

Today I’d like to focus on thoughts. Those little (often annoying) brain pings which happen thousands of times every day. The ones that tell us we’re good enough. The ones that tell us we’re not. Even the ones running amok in the background, unconsciously controlling much of our life.

Well, until recently, I’d forgotten once again that — I do, in fact — have some control over this. I’d gotten into a mental slump and found my negative thoughts feeding on each other, growing bigger and stronger, until they eventually threw me so far off course I almost forgot I could change it. Almost.

Cue upbeat music here.

So, as I sat one day mulling my negative-thought existence, it occurred to me— I got myself into this mental mess, so I sure as heck can get myself out of it. I’d done it before. I could do it again. Right? At first, I really wasn’t sure.

I committed to 5-10 minutes a day to get myself on a different road. Why only 5-10 minutes? Well, because I decided to utilize self-hypnosis. (a quick search yields some great ways to induce hypnosis for yourself!) And since hypnosis can literally access and rewrite the computer of your brain, it’s the best place I could think of to focus on—minimal time necessary for quality output.

So far, I’m on day 10. While in a deeply relaxed state, I remind myself of what is true. I am at peace. I am capable. I focus on the positive. Things like that. Well, guess what? Today, very few negative thoughts are cycling around in my brain. The few I’m still working on have lost their hold on me and are easily dealt with because I’ve bombarded them with so many positive messages. And I’ve done it from the source of the problem—my thoughts, which exist in my subconscious mind, which then runs my life—have been put on notice.

Be positive or go home. 🙂 I got this. Image