It’s All Up To You!

It's All Up To You!

The only thing in life you can truly change, is yourself.


One of the most profound lessons in life I learned from someone who gave me a huge ah-ha! moment regarding perspective.

At the time, I had been dealing with anxiety. And, as it goes with anxieties or fears, the longer they linger—the bigger they grow. Like a vicious cycle feeding on itself, over and over again. It’s an awful experience and one that hypnosis can stop in its tracks. But back to the point.

I was expressing my fear and pain, trying to communicate the difficulty of my situation. And how much anxiety had taken the wheel of life—and for me—had become a suffocating nightmare. My thoughts seemed out of control and I had little hope. I was afraid of all the what ifs, and replayed all possible negative scenarios in my head throughout the day. By 3pm most days, I was spent, exhausted, and weak. All due to my thoughts and how much emotion I invested in thoughts that weren’t even real.

So, there I was, nearing tears as I explained my plight. And a moment later, a few statements from a caring man changed everything.

“You’re situation is tough, but to give you some perspective, I know a woman who just lost ALL three of her children in an accident. That’s really, really tough.”

It stopped me cold. I had three children. The thought of losing all of them in one moment overwhelmed me and my perspective shifted forever. I was able to take a step back, outside of myself, and really look at things for the very first time. And all because someone gave me the gift of a wider perspective. It was a beautiful and deeply painful moment. All the time I’d wasted worrying. All the power I’d given up being afraid. But, I looked forward. And saw life, anew.

After that day, every time I faced a difficulty, I took a step back and looked with new eyes. My perspective shifted and even the most trying moments became less powerful, because I knew many people out there had it worse.

Perspective is an amazing thing. 🙂

Lifestyle transformation with hypnosis

Instead of going on another fad diet or joining the gym again (only to show up four times in one year), why not embark on a new journey—one that can make a real difference? Instead of counting endless calories and holding onto your big jeans—just in case—how about learning how to rewrite the programming in the computer of your mind? Write a new program that includes moderation, healthy food choices, motivation, exercise (when approved by your doctor), and even reset your metabolism. Doesn’t that sound fabulous?

Sometimes we have to do something different or even outside our comfort zone to really make a change. I’m not talking about a forced change using willpower alone. I’m talking about true and lasting change. Change that doesn’t require willpower and frustration and failure.

Willpower is a tool of the conscious mind, the part of your brain that’s reading this post, the part of your brain that’s deciding if you believe this or not. It’s the logical, rational (but not always correct!) part of your brain—and it’s the part where creating change is the hardest.

Why? Because the computer of your brain (the part that pretty much dictates your life and experiences) is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind stores all your habits, memories, programs, excuses, and what-nots. And since it’s the place where all this is stored, it’s the very place you can change the ENTIRE program. You just need a tool to by-pass the conscious mind chatter to reach the hard drive of your mind. Hypnosis is one of those tools.

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